About the Doctors

image of Doctor Ajir

Mahyar Ajir, DO

Being a doctor has given me the opportunity to touch so many lives. I feel so blessed to be a partner with my patients when it comes to their health care. I am very proud and grateful to be a part of the medical community


Dr. Ajir is a Board Certified family physician with over 10 years of clinical experience. He is well known in the community for his expertise in managing patients with chronic disease. He is caring, compassionate, and dedicated to his patients. Dr. Ajir is trilingual (English, Spanish, and Farsi) and has traveled the world extensively.

image of Doctor Etedali

Elaheh Etedali, DO

I think a physician has the privilege of helping people in many ways. A physician's most important role is to help his or her patients achieve their optimal heallh. I believe that human beings have the inherit ability to heal themselves and our job as their doctor is to guide them through this process.


Dr. Ellie Etedali is a board certified family practice physician who has been in clinical practice for over 10 years. She is known for her expertise in chronic disease management as well as women's health care. Her patients are most grateful for her open and caring approach. She is trilingual which makes her more effective in management of patients with language barriers.

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